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Yasuhiro Tabita
Sushi Chef

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Yasuhiro Tabita brings over 25 years of experience as a talented sushi chef to Kappo En. In his youth he worked at many fish markets in Shikoku prior to moving to the United States. Once relocating to the US in 1997 he first trained under Master Chef Kono in Raleigh at the restaurant, Kashin. He relocated to Portland, OR in 2014 where he later worked at Nimblefish which was named as one of the Top New Restaurants by Bon Appetite when it opened in 2018.  Here, Yasu honed his technique in Edomae style sushi while working with Cody Auger and Dwight Rosendahl.  He moved back to Charlotte in 2022 to continue serving his Omakase style sushi at Kappo En. In his time off he enjoys spending time eating and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and his dog Dino.